Our 1st Digital SINGLE will be released on June 30(Fri)!

ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! (aka NICOS) is a project led by artist Ei Wada, involving people from all walks of life to revive electrical appliances that have outlived their usefulness into new 'electromagnetic instruments', gradually forming an orchestra.

Launched in 2015, the project is currently active in five cities in Japan - Tokyo, Kyoto, Hitachi, Nagoya and Akita - as well as in a lab on the internet where fierce participants from all over the world gather, with nearly 100 members as a participatory art project. With the participation of people from diverse backgrounds, the project has so far instrumentalized numerous home appliances, including CRT TVs, electric fans, ventilation fans, video camcorders, and telephone sets. The group collects disused electrical appliances, converts them into musical instruments, creates musical instruments and continues its creative activities day and night, dreaming of the 'electromagnetic folk music', 'electromagnetic Bon Dance' and 'electromagnetic procession' that could be born from these instruments.

【TOPIC #1 Digital SINGLE Release】
Eight years after the birth of NICOS 🪐, the first digital single from the galaxy's only musical group that revives household appliances into musical instruments is finally released⚡️

They have performed a lot of original music, and now they are releasing their recorded materials for the first time!

In 'Electromagnetic Dragon', Namichie and Submarine's rapping swells like a climbing dragon from Asian tradition.

'Electromagnetic Matsuri Bayashi in Neo Tokyo' was first performed live online during a special programme on DOMMUNE, a Japanese live streaming studio in the summer of 2020. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when festivals disappeared from all over the world, the desire for dancing and festivals took the form of music through home appliances, and the call was made to dance Bon Odori from the comfort of your own home! The demonstration video on YouTube has been viewed more than 10 million times and is now ready to be dropped before the Bon Odori season in 2023, when the pandemic has ended.

Single Title: 電磁祭囃子/電磁龍|Electromagnetic Matsuri Bayashi in Neo Tokyo / Dian Ci Long
Release Date: Friday 30 June 2023
Distribution: The Orchard Japan

◆Song Titles
01. 電磁祭囃子|Electromagnetic Matsuri Bayashi in Neo Tokyo
02. 電磁龍 feat. なみちえ x Submarine|Dian Ci Long featuring Namichie x Submarine
03. 電磁龍 -instrumental-|Dian Ci Long -instrumental-


Ei Wada: CRT-TV Drums, CRTelecaster, Radio, Emergency Beller
Akira Ataka: Barcorder
Sonosuke Yamamoto: Electric Fan Harp, CRTelecaster
l l l三l l l三: Telesen
Namichie: Rap
Submarine: Rap

◆Lyrics & Music
Electromagnetic Matsuri Bayashi in Neo Tokyo: Composed by - Ei Wada, Sonosuke Yamamoto
Dian Ci Long featuring Namichie x Submarine: Composed by Ei Wada, Lyrics by Namichie, Submarine
Dian Ci Long -instrumental-: Composed by - Ei Wada

Mix & Mastering: Toshihiko Kasai
Cover Design: ykxotkx

Gagaku x Home Appliances
Ancient waves and the waves of the electric age resonate.
One and only time-space is fully documented!

The first video work of ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! documented their live concert held at Kanda Shrine (aka Kanda Myoujin) in September, 2022 with the audience for the first time in five years. The concert centered around the collaboration with Gagaku, Japanese traditional court music, also featuring the rappers Namichie and Submarine.

Gagaku, which has been described as the world's oldest orchestra, evolved as a uniquely Japanese form of ensemble music, combining ancient Japanese music and dance with those from China and Korea, while NICOS, a modern orchestra with a short history has been sprinkling the "electric" energy of electricity, radio waves, electrons and electromagnetism, which is indispensable in the modern age, through their music, expanding its sphere of activity not only in Japan but to the world. The project performed at the FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in 2022 for the first time and thrilled the audience with music based around Bon Odori style.

This is the first encounter between Gagaku and NICOS, a dream collaboration of music and dance.

Rappers Namichie and Submarine also took part as guests. Namichie is an artist who not only performs music, but also engages in multiple expressive activities such as making mascot costume art and writing while Submarine is a young Chinese rapper from Tokyo who is active in Asia. They collaborated for the first time at this concert! Please experience the moment when multilingual rap weaves a modern myth at Kanda Shrine.

Album Title: 電磁饗宴篇 - In The Electromagnetic Feast
Release Date: Friday 30 June 2023
Distribution: VIMEO

◆Song title Title
01. 家電雷鳴楽|Electromagnetics Thunderous Gaku
02. 電磁炭坑節|Electromagnetic Tanko Bushi
03. 電磁祭囃子|Electromagnetic Matsuri Bayashi in Neo Tokyo
04. 電電楽|Den Den Gaku
05. 駆け抜けて走査線|Run Through Scanning Lines
06. 雅電電楽|Ga Den Den Gaku
07. 電磁雅楼羅|Electromagnetic Garura
08. 電磁龍|Dian Ci Long
09. 雅流雅雅|Garu Ga Ga


Ei Wada: CRT-TV Drums, CRTelecaster
Sonosuke Yamamoto: Electric Fan Harp, CRTelecaster
l l l三l l l三: Telesen
Koki Naka: CRT-TV Drums
Akira Ataka: Barcoder Fantar
Manami Tada: Emergency Beller, A/C Harp
Soichi Yamamoto: CRT-TV O-Daiko
Meishi Akita: CRT-TV O-Daiko
Namichie: Rap
Submarine: Rap

Tado Gagaku Kai
Shoroku Tanaka: Ryuteki, Hichiriki
Yoshihiro Nakatani: Hosho, Ryuteki, Komabue
Takako Mizutani: Ryuteki, Maibito
Yukihiro Kakimoto: Ryuteki

Filming and editing: Terutada Murao
Sound recording and mixing: Toshihiko Kasai
Cover Design: ykxotkx

NICOS’s open lab comes to Harajuku for a limited time!

To celebrate the first releases of NICOS' digital single "Electromagnetic Matsuri Bayashi in Neo Tokyo / Dian Ci Long" and video "In The Electromagnetic Feast", a limited-time lab space will be opened at SOMSOC GALLERY in Harajuku, Tokyo. Sessions and instrument-making workshops will be held daily throughout the weekends. This is a rare chance to get together with Lab members, who usually perform on stage, and experience musical instruments together! Please come and experience & be electrified by the electricity, radio waves, electronics and electromagnetism of NICOS. ⚡️

◆Instruments on display
CRT-TV Drums
Electric Fan Harp
*Instruments are subject to change without notice.

Project history, instrument introduction and development process of each instrument will also be shown. Merchandise, including new products, will be on sale.


Dates: Saturday, June 24 - Sunday, July 9, 2023
Address: 3-22-11 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-6384-5733
Opening hours: 13:00~19:00
Closed: Monday
Admission: Free
Access: 7-minute walk from Meiji-jingumae Subway Station

◆Opening reception Talks and mini-live performances
24 June (Sat), 2023 16:30 OPEN / 19:00 CLOSE

◆Release party Talk & mini live
Electromagnetic Festival Music x Electromagnetic Dragon x Electromagnetic Feast Arc Release Commemoration Event
1 Jul. 2023 (Sat) 17:00~19:00

SOMSOC GALLERY Official Web Site



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