Online Workshop in English: “Electromagnetic Imaginations are Coming!”

ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! will hold a free online workshop titled “Electromagnetic Imaginations are Coming!” with a Japanese-English interpreter📺📡
Ei Wada, an artist and the leader of the project will be the host of the workshop where participants experience electromagnetic sound at home and develop imaginations.
We all look forward to meeting you there!!!🙌

Online Workshop: Electromagnetic Imaginations are Coming!
ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS! aka NICOS is an art project from Japan which reincarnates old electric appliances into new electromagnetic musical instruments.
We have reincarnated CRT TVs, electric fans, video camcorders, rotary dial phones, A/C etc. into musical instruments, been formulating an orchestra, and been playing new styles of music. At the workshop, Ei Wada will give lectures and let the participants experience the project at home with a Japanese-English interpreter.
How did NICOS start?
What does it mean to turn electric appliances around us into musical instruments!
How does electromagnetic sound sound?
Would you turn what electric appliance into what kind of musical instrument?
Let’s talk about and exchange the ideas participants come up with.
Why don’t you experience the world of NICOS with us?

Zoom link:
ミーティングID: 848 7382 1948
パスコード: 382129

* It’d be great if you bring an AM radio📻, and something with stripes🦓 (e.g. a striped shirt, paper with black and white stripes), Papers and a pen📝

Date and time:
Feb 27th, 2021
US - 15:00 PST / 18:00 EST
Europe - 23:00 GMT / 24:00 (Feb 28th 00:00) CET
Tokyo, Japan - Feb 28th 8:00 JST



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