もしエレキギターの神様、Jimi Hendrixが扇風機を演奏するとしたら?という妄想を出発点に生まれた楽器。扇風機に光源とギターストラップ、そしてオリジナルの円盤を取りつけ、回転によって起こる光の明滅を光センサーで拾うことで電気の波=音へと変えて演奏する。円盤に空ける穴は計算によって導き出し、音階をつくり出す。演奏者は扇風機を逆さに担ぎ、首を振る!

Created by 和田永 + 武井祐介 + 鷲見倫一 + 高橋龍太 + 出沼真由美

Electric Fan Harp / Sempookin
This instrument was based on the idea "What if Jimi Hendrix, the god of electric guitars, played electric fans as instruments?"
The light bulb and guitar strap are attached to an electric fan, and the fan blade is replaced with a self-made disc with holes.
A photosensitive device catches flickering light from the spinning disc with holes and turns it into electric signal. And produce sounds through a guitar amplifier.
Different number of holes in the disc and speed of the fan make different sound pitches.
The player holds the electric fan upside-down and swings the neck!
Created by Ei Wada + Yusuke Takei + Rinichi Washimi + Ryuta Takahashi + Mayumi Idenuma