もしエレキギターの神様、Jimi Hendrixが扇風機を演奏するとしたら?という妄想を出発点に生まれた楽器。扇風機に光源とギターストラップ、そしてオリジナルの円盤を取りつけ、回転によって起こる光の明滅を光センサーで拾うことで電気の波=音へと変えて演奏する。円盤に空ける穴は計算によって導き出し、音階をつくり出す。演奏者は扇風機を逆さに担ぎ、首を振る!

Made by 和田永 + 武井祐介 + 鷲見倫一 + 高橋龍太 + 出沼真由美

This instrument was based on my wild idea: “what if the god of electric guitars, Jimi Hendrix, were to play the electric fan as an instrument?”. We attached to the electric fan a light source and a guitar strap and replaced the fan’s blade with a customized disk with holes. We convert flashing of light by rotation to electric sound with a photosensitive device and play music. We calculated the holes in the disk to create musical scale. Players carry the electric fan upside-down and will be swinging the neck! We are training our playing skills day and day to cry the electric fan.
Made by Ei Wada + Yusuke Takei + Rinichi Washimi + Ryuta Takahashi + Mayumi Idenuma