The Barcoders Members (in Maker Fair Tokyo 2018) : 和田永, 安宅晃, 中康輝, 多田愛美
Created by 田中秀樹 + 和田永 + 武井祐介
Thanks to Nicos Orchest-Lab

Produces sound by putting the scan signal from a modified barcode reader to an audio input. Barcode stripes directly become sound waves. From now on, connect barcode readers not only to cash registers, but to speakers. During the day, you are a regular cashier. During the night, you are a barcodopeness DJ. This is the next level of cashier!

The Barcoders Members (in Maker Fair Tokyo 2018) : Ei Wada, Akira Ataka, Koki Naka, Manami Tada
Created by Hideki Tanaka + Ei Wada + Yusuke Takei
Thanks to Nicos Orchest-Lab